Our Educational Activities & Tools

The Overseas Education Department of KKL-JNF’s Education Division works through a wide variety of channels, including educational shlichim in communities around the world, in order to build a relationship with Diaspora Jewry and strengthen the connection between Jewish youth and the people, story, land, and State of Israel.

One of the major projects of the Overseas Education Division is the development of enrichment materials and educational activity kits that teach about Jewish heritage and the State of Israel in an engaging, experiential manner. These programs have been adapted to meet the needs of varying age groups and unique communities around the world. The activity kits are available for free on this page for the use of educators around the world.

The Overseas Education Division also runs tours, events, activities, training programs, and workshops for youth and educators in Israel and throughout the Diaspora.

If you have participated in any of our activities, we invite you to click here & share your pictures and experiences to be published on our site


My Jerusalem Activity Kit
KKL-JNF Quiz: Zionism, Man & the Environment
Tu Bishvat Activity Kits
Our Israel Activity Kit
Ways to Jerusalem Activity Kits
The Jerusalem Story Told By Its Gardens
Israel Independence Ceremony
Israchute: A Parachute Adventure In Israel Activity Kit
iMap Israel Activity Kit
Israeli Inventions Activity Kit
My Vision Activity Kit: Social, Moral & Political Dilemmas
The Many Faces of Jerusalem: A Poster Set of Jerusalem Sites
Israel Independence Day Activity Kits
Independence in Color, Shape & Symbol Activity Kit

KKL-JNF Mobile Educational Unit
The Chain-Link Program
The Annual National Quiz on Zionism, Man, and the Environment
Big Things in a Little Blue Box
Green Day Programs
Bnai Mitzvah Tours
Machon Youth Leadership Training Program
Youth Pioneers of the 21st Century
International Study Tours & Educational Conferences for Educators
The Jewish Layers Archaeological Dig
Ranger for a Day
Rafsodia: The International Raft Festival

KKL-JNF Monopoly Game Created by Australian Educators
Click for the Study Tours Albums
Click for the World Education Conference Albums
World Education Conference 2019
World Education Conference 2017
World Education Conference 2018
KKL-JNF Educators Study Tour 2018
KKL-JNF Educators Study Tour 2019
KKL-JNF Educators Study Tour 2020

New virtual escape rooms
A story for Parshat Ve’etchanen
A story for Parshat Eikev
two stories for Parshat Dvarim and Tisha B’Av
A virtual tour in Jerusalem
Plant Your Way to Israel
KKL Recycled Art Challenge
Plant Your Way to Israel! 2019
KKL’s Recycled Art Challenge
Tu Bishvat 2017
Connect to Israel by KKL-JNF Caravan   7/2018
USA Hebrew Teachers conference KKL-JNF – 17-18/11/2019
Israel Education Online | Zionism Renewed: Finding Yourself in the Renaissance
Travel in Israel
Yom Hazikaron
Yom Hazikaron – Yigal Nisell KKL Shaliach Australia

JNF UK: JNF Charitable Trust
Canadian Sephardi Federation: The Sephardi Identity Congress
Machon: Youth Leadership Training Program
JNF South America: Gesher L’Yisrael
Hanoar Hatzioni: Continental Machon Leadership Training Program
BINA: Student Leadership Training Program
World Betar Movement: Mabat
World Betar Movement: Magen
Limmud FSU
Olami: Campus Ambassadors Program
OLAM SHALEM: Educational Jerusalem App
A Green Journey on KKL-JNF Trails Following the March of the Living
The March of the Living