iMap Israel Activity Kit

iMap Israel Activity Kit

Created by KKL-JNF, this kit contains 13 different activities designed for teenagers and young adults that explore Israel through its geographic map. The activities, each one which takes between 45-120 minutes, aim to create an emotional, experiential connection with the Land of Israel and its landscapes, stories, historical roots and modern reality, through learning the map. The activity manual below contains a description of each activity, including the educational goals, how long it should take, and the maps and resources required to run the program. Click the buttons below to view and download the activity manual and accompanying resources.   

The Overseas Education Department and the Education and Community Division of KKL-JNF are pleased to share our educational activity kits. Feel free to download and use these resources however you see fit. Good luck and enjoy! 

If you have any questions or feedback, contact Dovi Paritsky:,  972-2 6583328

Activity Manual


Twister (Activity 12)