Educational Projects

Since its establishment in 1901 until today, KKL-JNF has been one of Israel’s leading organizations in the fields of Zionist, environmental, and educational activities. KKL-JNF operates major projects dedicated to the development of the land and the conservation of nature, as well as a wide variety of eco-Zionist educational programs in Israel and the Diaspora that strengthen the connection between the next generation of young Jewish leaders and the land, people, and State of Israel. The organization is active in youth-focused projects devoted to creating equal opportunities for all Israel’s citizens, reducing social gaps, and cultivating solidarity between every facet of Israel’s diverse society. 

Learn about some of KKL-JNF’s educational projects in Israel below. 

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  • Houses for Excellence

    KKL-JNF’s Houses for Excellence work to reduce social and educational disparities in Israeli society by empowering disadvantaged youth from Israel’s peripheral regions.

    Teens from under-serviced parts of the country gain:

    • A supportive learning environment
    • Exposure to state-of-the-art technologies
    • Increased academic success
    • Greater social mobility
    • Access to more skill-building resources

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  • Maof

    Maof – the Hebrew word for vision, courage, and imagination – is also the name of KKL-JNF’s innovative informal education program for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Participants in this five-year program come away with a solid foundation in eco-Zionist values and a strong commitment to community engagement.

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    Photo by Yaniv Schwatz, Technograpics

  • Green Horizons

    Every year, thousands of students from all over Israel go off the grid for a week to learn navigation and survival skills in the wilderness. Informal education done right, Green Horizons is a powerful program that deepens the next generation’s connection to Israel, nature, and the environment.

    The program aims to cultivate:

    •     Leadership skills
    •     Teamwork and collaboration
    •     Community engagement and social responsibility

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  • The Dudaim Educational Center

    Waste treatment meets environmental education in this bustling facility, where over 10,000 annual visitors take part in creative workshops to learn about conservation, recycling, and the dangers of neglecting our environment. For participants of all ages, the Dudaim Educational Center is an eye-opening experience.

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  • Atzil Program

    The Atzil Program is an experiential, values-based educational initiative that introduces new immigrants to places in Israel while strengthening their Jewish identity and connection to Zionism. A product of KKL-JNF’s Youth and Education Department, the Atzil Program provides values-based knowledge, experience, and activities that cultivate a connection to the land of Israel, Zionist heritage, and the environment. The program is a joint educational initiative between KKL-KNF, local authorities, and other bodies involved in aliyah and immigrant absorption. 
    Photo by: Bvitzenko Yaroslava
  • KKL-JNF Field & Forest Educational Centers (FFEC)

    Many young people visiting Israel from abroad spend time at the KKL-JNF Field and Forest Educational Centers. Located in KKL-JNF forests throughout the country, they centers provide a unique educational experience that cultivates environmental awareness, Zionist values, and connection with Israel.

    The centers have professional staff, guest rooms, computer classrooms, dining rooms, sports facilities, and campgrounds for outdoor activities.

    KKL-JNF operates 5 FFECs:

    • The Tsipori FFEC in the Lower Galilee, near ancient Tsipori and Nazareth – accommodates 250.
    • The Lavi FFEC in the eastern Lower Galilee, near Tiberias – accommodates 500.
    • The Nes Harim FFEC in the Jerusalem Mountains, near Jerusalem – accommodates 250.
    • The Yatir FFEC in a hilly area overlooking the Judaean Desert and the Negev, near Arad – accommodates 140.
    • The Shuni FFEC between Binyamina and Zichron Yaako.