Educational Activities

KKL-JNF works toward strengthening the connection between the people and land of Israel through values-based educational programs that cultivate leadership skills among the young generation of future Zionist leaders in Israel and the Diaspora. KKL-JNF’s Overseas Education Department – Education and Community Division aims to connect educators and participants with the heritage, people, and land of Israel through fun and meaningful experiences. In order to achieve these goals, the department operates a wide variety of educational activities for thousands of visitors to Israel each year. 

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  • The International Rafsodia

    Can you build a raft that can sail across the Kinneret? Can your team’s raft win the race? This 2-day team-building activity is engaging, challenging, and a boatload of fun!

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  • March of the Living

    The journey from Holocaust to rebirth gains new meaning on this life-changing trip. Beginning at the extermination camps in Poland and ending in free, independent Israel, teens learn to view themselves as invaluable links in the chain of Jewish history.

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  • Green Journey on KKL-JNF Trails

    Trace the footsteps of the Jewish people in its historical homeland…on your bike! Live and breathe Israel’s stunning landscapes and rich heritage as you shred the trails on this week-long ride. Experience firsthand some of Israel’s most prominent forests, nature reserves, and historical sites.

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  • International Clean Up Day

    Join one of the greatest environmental initiatives worldwide, involving millions of volunteers in over 100 countries!  What began as a local Australian project 25 years ago is now a U.N. prize-winning international phenomenon. Each year, over 250,000 Israeli volunteers – young and old, religious and secular, Jewish and Arab – work hand-in-hand  throughout the country participating in cleanup activities organized by KKL-JNF.

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  • Plant a Tree with Your Own Hands

    Help Israel flourish as you deepen your connection to the land. Since 1901, KKL-JNF has planted over 240 million trees in Israel. This work is as important today as ever before. You can contribute to a greener future for Israel with your very own hands!

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