Since its establishment in 1901, KKL-JNF has worked tirelessly to develop the land of Israel and strengthen the bond between the Jewish people and its homeland. From the first land purchase until today, KKL-JNF has adapted itself to the ever-changing needs of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Known worldwide as trustee over the Jewish lands of Israel, KKL-JNF and its international partners spearhead diverse ventures in Israel and around the world that support Zionist and environmental education, preserve our natural and cultural heritage, and ensure a thriving, sustainable future for the people of Israel.

The largest green organization in the country, KKL-JNF is a global leader in forestry, water, and land conservation. By engaging politicians, business leaders, and the public in dynamic discourse on people and their environment, KKL-JNF’s work has directly influenced environmental policy and community development.

The story of KKL-JNF is the story of Israel; a flourishing country that grew from a desolate land, beginning with little more than a 2000-year-old dream and a heritage of innovation.