Ways to Jerusalem Activity Kits

Ways to Jerusalem Activity Kits

Ways to Jerusalem is an educational and value-laden program comprised of eight original activity kits that engage participants with different aspects of Jerusalem. Created by the KKL-JNF for youth within a broad range of ages, the programs explore many different ideas connected to Jerusalem, including the city’s rich history, modern day complexity, significance to the Jewish people, and its symbols.They also deal with more complex issues, such as the relationship between memory and forgetting and engaging with different conflicts. Below, you will find a brief introduction to each of the eight activities, including a button to download the thorough activity instruction booklet and the accompanying resources and educational tools. There is also a link to the entire activity kit in Hebrew.  

The Overseas Education Department and the Education and Community Division of KKL-JNF are pleased to share our educational activity kits. Feel free to download and use these resources however you see fit. Good luck and enjoy! 

If you have any questions or feedback, contact Dovi Paritsky: dovip@kkl.org.il,  972-2 6583328

Program Introduction

Full Syllabus

Hebrew Activity Kit

If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem…

This 80 minute long program explores the personal and national significance of Jerusalem throughout history. Using art and writing, it teaches participants about about the major events in the history of the city in a fun and creative way and encourages them to strengthen their own personal connection to Jerusalem.

Instruction Booklet

Historical Events Flashcards


Blank Jerusalem Timeline

Completed Jerusalem Timeline

Maps Tell Stories About Jerusalem

This 90 minute long activity uses various maps of the city as a creative learning tool to explore perceptions of Jerusalem through the ages. Participants will also create their own personal map, encouraging them to develop their own relationships with Jerusalem.

Instruction Booklet

Historical Maps

Map Descriptions

The Jerusalem Golden Cab

This hour long program is the Jerusalem version of the television game show “Cash Cab.” Participants will learn fun and interesting facts about modern Jerusalem through this competitive trivia game.

Instruction Booklet

Taxi Driver Question Cards

Taxi Driver Question Booklet

Jerusalemite on the Street Sticker

Phone-a-Friend Sticker

Discovering Jerusalem

This 45-60 minute long activity uses postcards of Jerusalem’s main sites to explore the city’s past and present in a fun, competitive game.

Instruction Booklet

Information Cards

Jerusalem Mixed Grill

This hour long activity presents and compares the distinctive characteristics of major world cities, including Jerusalem. Participants will discuss different metaphors for the city and discover what words, visuals, and ideas they associate with Jerusalem.

Instruction Booklet

Lions of Jerusalem

This 45 minute long activity explores the significance of the Jerusalem emblem in a creative, artistic way. Participants will analyze the official symbol of Jerusalem and create their own.

Instruction Booklet

Jerusalem of Kindness

This 35 minute long activity uses storytelling and drama to learn about the concepts of love and grace in relation to the city of Jerusalem. Participants will be encouraged to internalize these values in their daily lives.

Instruction Booklet

Notes in the Kotel

This 30-45 minute long activity uses storytelling, art and writing to learn about the history and spiritual significance of the Kotel (the Western Wall), and the custom of placing notes in the cracks between the stones. Each participant will write their own prayer or wish and place it in a replica of the Kotel.

Instruction Booklet