Ranger for a Day

Taking place in JNF-KKL forests throughout the country, “Ranger for a Day” is a day long program in which youth from ages 10-18, students, and adults take part in educational ecological programs and volunteer work to conserve and build Israel’s forests.

Program Goals:

  • To strengthen the connection between participants and the forests of Israel.
  • To give back to KKL-JNF and the land of Israel through ecological volunteer work.
  • To foster environmental awareness and responsibility through experiential education.

In Hebrew with English subtitles, the following video (02:54) presents some of the ecological educational and volunteer programs that KKL-JNF runs in the Yatir Field and Forest Center. With educational activities and accommodations, KKL-JNF forests enable youth and adults from Israel and around the world to enjoy, learn about, and give back to Israel’s forests.