About the Overseas Education Department

At the Overseas Education Department of the KKL-JNF Community and Education Division, we and our international partners harness the power of education and collaboration to shape a better future for Israel and the Jewish people.


Through diverse educational programming around the globe, we expose young people of all backgrounds to the beauty of Israel and the Jewish world.

We empower Jewish youth, leaders, and educators, deepening their connection to their heritage and land, strengthening their Jewish identity, and helping them impart these life-changing values to the next generation.

In Israel, we inspire locals and visitors alike through a rich array of educational programs and activities –both formal and informal – that are experiential, challenging, and fun!

​Our Goals

  • To strengthen the bond between the Jewish community in the Diaspora and in  Israel

  • To create a generation of future leaders committed to active Zionism.

  • To instill values of Zionism and sustainability throughout the Jewish world.

  • To empower the younger generation as partners in shaping the image of the State of Israel.

Our Activity

Our activity in Israel for visitors from abroad

From youth movement meet-ups, bar/bat mitzvah tours, and the March of the Living to archaeological excavations, green bike tours, and a team-building cross-Kinneret sailing challenge, our local programs expose young people to the “real” Israel and inspire them to become ambassadors for Israel in their home communities.

Our activity among our Diaspora communities

KKL-JNF’s mobile educational unit brings our powerful educational activities to communities worldwide. Focusing on Jewish identity, holidays, the State of Israel, leadership, Zionism, ecology and the environment, and cultural events, our hands-on activities motivate, educate, and empower participants of all ages.

Our Team

Malca Barkay – Overseas Programs Manager – MalcaB@kkl.org.il

Dovi Paritsky – Israel Programs Manager – dovip@kkl.org.il

Zohar Vloski – USA Shaliach – zvloski@jnf.org

Yifat Beer Miller – Canada Shaliach – yifat.bear@jnf.ca

Yigal Nisell – Australia Shaliach – yigalnisell@jnf.org.au

Daniel Ben Lolo – France Shaliach – danielproject7@gmail.com

Viki Rave – Russian-speaking Communities – vickyr@kkl.org.il