Green Day Programs

A Green Day with KKL-JNF brings students together in a KKL-JNF forest to learn about the history and ecology of the region, participate in informal outdoor educational programs and team-building activities, and simply enjoy the beauty of the Land of Israel. 

Program Goals:

  • To strengthen the participants’ connection to Israel’s forests and nature.
  • To share the contributions of KKL-JNF to the conversation of the Land of Israel.
  • To raise ecological awareness and responsibility.
  • To foster teamwork and relevant skills through outdoor activities.

This video (02:15) presents highlights from a Green Day in the Yatir Forest, in which 400 Israeli elementary school students gathered together during Chanukah vacation to hike in the forest, learn about ecological sites, and participate in fun outdoor activities, such as making pita, creating a 3D map of Israel, and playing an interactive trivia game about KKL-JNF.