World Education Conference 2019

From 22-28 July, 2019, The KKL-JNF Overseas Education and Community Division brought together some 200 educators from 50 schools around the world for an enriching study tour designed to provide educators with new pedagogical tools to strengthen the younger generation’s connection to the land, people, and heritage of Israel. 

Throughout their week-long trip, principals and teachers from the USA, Canada, France, North Africa, Switzerland, and England toured Jewish and Zionist heritage sites around the country and learned about the latest innovations in ecological education. They saw the fruits of KKL-JNF’s commitment to the development of the State of Israel and its environment and communities through visits to KKL-JNF projects, many of which are supported by international Friends of the JNF. The participants experienced Israel’s diverse culture and people during visits to educational institutions, encounters with local teachers and students, and fascinating lectures and discussion groups. 
  • Day 2: Using One’s Senses to Get in Touch with Israel

    How can we best express the profound connection to Israel that every Jew feels? It appears that this can be done without recourse to words: on the third day of their visit, members of the World Education Delegation took part in enrichment workshops that focused on the senses.

    Photo by: Yoav Devir

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  • Day 3: From Northern Israel to Jerusalem with the Educationalists’ Seminar

    Excellence, settlement, farming and nature – these were some of principal motifs on the fourth day of the World Seminar on Education. The day’s excursions took place along three separate routes for the American, Canadian and French delegates.

    Photo by: Yoav Devir

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  • Day 4- French-Speaking Teachers’ Delegation to Israel

    On their fourth day, the French-speaking teachers’ delegation traveled from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem


    Photo by:Deniss Zin
  • Day 5: French-Speaking Teachers’ Delegation to Israel

    On their fifth day, the French-speaking teachers’ delegation attended the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

    Photo by: Deniss Zin

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  • Day 7 : The End of an Inspiring Journey

    After a fascinating week of excursions and encounters the length and breadth of the State of Israel, from the Golan to the Negev, the International Educationalists’ Seminar came to an end.

    Photo  by: Yoav Devir

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