Big Things in a Little Blue Box

Designed for young students from kindergarten through third grade, “Big Things in a Little Blue Box” is an environmental values program centered around weekly activities that recall the traditional KKL-JNF Blue Box as an educational tool to encourage the values of cooperation, responsibility, and the environment. For many years, the iconic Blue Box enabled Jews in every home and Jewish institution in Israel and abroad to contribute to the development of the land of Israel and the realization of the Zionist vision according to their means. 

Program Goals:

  • To encourage children to make a personal contribution to their environment through enjoyable activities.
  • To connect student to Zionism, the Land of Israel, and the environment.

In Hebrew with English subtitles, this minute-long video, shares why KKL-JNF decided to bring the iconic Blue Box back into classrooms in Israel and abroad as an educational tool to connect students to the land of Israel and increase awareness among the younger generation about Zionism, giving, and the environment.