Upcoming Events & Attractions in Tel Aviv

Upcoming Events & Attractions in Tel Aviv

This post provides four different resources to find upcoming cultural events and attractions in Tel Aviv, including festivals, concerts, lectures, comedy shows, art exhibits and more.

1. Secret Tel Aviv

Secret Tel Aviv’s Event Calendar provides all of the basic information you need about upcoming events in the city, including both weekly events and one-time experiences. To get the premier event listings delivered directly to your inbox every week, sign up for the Secret Tel Aviv Event Newsletter here. Secret Tel Aviv is an online community for English speaking Tel Avivis to share their experiences, meet new people, and learn about some of the Secrets of this awesome city.

2. Tel Aviv Municipality

The Tel Aviv Municipality Events Calendar website presents the major upcoming cultural events in the city, including theater, music, arts, outdoor events and activities for kids.

3. DIY Tel Aviv

The DIY Tel Aviv Events Calendar presents a list of upcoming alternative events in Tel Aviv, from up-and-coming local bands and gallery openings to garage sales and underground parties. For a more fine-tuned list, check out the recommended events calendar or filter the results using the menu. Although many of the listings are in Hebrew, there is a Google Translate button at the top of the page that will provide a quick translation of all of the events. Covering all the stuff the other guide books leave out, DIY Tel Aviv is an independent, alternative Tel Aviv city guide, available for purchase as both an eBook and in print.

4. Eventbrite

Eventbrite’s Tel Aviv Events Calendar presents a list of upcoming educational and cultural events, including lectures, concerts, parties, conferences and many events in the hi-tech and start-up scene. With an easy-to-use search function, users can quickly sort through the website to find listings that suit their interests and schedule. Eventbrite is a global platform that allows anyone to create, share and find events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives, from music festivals, marathons, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests.