Restoring Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River / Rosh Tzipor Forest

This clip (2:42) introduces the quiet oasis of greenery and serenity located in the heart of the urban metropolis of Gush Dan: the Yarkon River. Beginning in the 1950s, the Yarkon River became increasingly polluted until sewage and disease replaced the once fresh waters. Along with the Yarkon River Authority, the KKL-JNF revived the Yarkon River as a part of their larger project to restore Israel’s rivers. Today, the site is a lively hub and the waters are suitable for swimming, fishing, sailing, and other recreational activities. The Yarkon Park is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike, as well as birds and wildlife. 

Rosh Tzipor Forest

The bird-watching center is located in the Rosh Tzipor Forest, a 120 acre urban oasis in Ganei Yehoshua Park, which KKL-JNF began planting in the 1950s and then again in the 1980s. Named for its shape, which resembles a bird’s head, the forest includes a bicycle trail, pedestrian trail, banquet hall, observation area, adventure park and playground, built by KKL-JNF with the generous contributions of JNF Australia and the Beer-Gabel family from France.

The forest also includes the historic Seven Mills site, restored thanks to the generation contributions of JNF Italy, where water mills along the banks of the Yarkon River were used until about 1936. On nearby Napoleon Hill, visitors can see the remains of ancient settlements as well as a spectacular view of the Dan region.